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Sapphire Graphix ( LJ Edition )

Sapphire Graphix
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This community is a small outset on LJ from my larger comm Sapphire Graphix on GreatestJournal.com. This community is own and maintained by cuzimastripper

:: You MUST tell me if your taking something in a comment and please credit me when you do. I work had on this shit, I'd like to be recognized for my work.

:: Do not claim my icons as your own. You will be banned and reported to LJ.

:: Do not distribute icons to friends. If they want some, then they join.

:: Do not comment on my personal journal asking me to make you anything. If you do it you'll be banned. Okay?

:: I will be taking requests from time to time, but DO NOT COMMENT TO ANYTHING WITH A REQUEST IF I AM NOT OFFERING THEM! Its annoying.

:: Check the MEMORIES for a list of graphics.

:: Do not fuckin start drama in my comm, I'll be pissed.

:: You break the rules once, its a warning in a PM. Twice, your banned


Right click to save as and link to http://sapphiregraphix.livejournal.com/

My original community on GJ, includes layouts, moodthemes, icons, photoshop brushes, and hosted background music.

PM me of leave a comment to become one.